All Services Will Be Continued Via TeleHealth Until Further Notice

Individual & Family Therapy

It is important that all services offered through the practice utilize a treatment modality that is synchronized with the philosophy and strategies of the practice. In this manner, individual clients and families benefit from a consistent approach within the practice. All individual and family clinicians associated with the practice utilize the same therapeutic approach.

Group Therapy

The groups that we lead address the social and life skills issues related to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Nonverbal Learning Disorder, ADD/ADHD, and High Anxiety. However, admission to the groups is not dependent upon any of the above diagnoses. When assembling groups, we carefully screen potential members in an effort to make our groups as cohesive as possible. We look most closely at current symptoms as opposed to the label that may have directed someone to our practice.

Additional Services

  1. Seminars & Workshops for Parents, Teachers, & Community Members
  2. School Consultations
  3. PPT Attendance / Parent-School Liaison
  4. IEP Development & Collaboration
  5. Parent & Sibling Support
  6. Summer Programs
  7. Corporate Consulting