Corporate Consulting

After 20 years in private practice serving children and families, Jackie has created a model for professionals designed to help them understand emotional and/or traumatic stress, the effects of crisis, and where necessary, how to help individuals move beyond the effects of stress to improved well-being.

At the forefront of her work, Jackie's trainings endeavor to help participants learn skills to help identify and evaluate escalating crisis situations with customers and clients, perhaps as they are emerging.

Thereafter, Jackie helps participants understand the biology of stress reactions and the critical importance of returning the body to balance after experiencing an extremely stressful or traumatic event.

Jackie helps participants understand the importance of supportive recovery. For some, this recovery may begin with Jackie leading group participants through a therapeutic restorative session, demystifying participants' ongoing journey to improved health and well-being.

Jackie helps professionals in an array of fields find compassion for clients experiencing stress and trauma, essential to improved customer service and sales.

Jackie has served as a keynote speaker, executive coach, conference and workshop speaker, and leadership retreat facilitator.

To speak with Jackie regarding the needs of your professional organization, please contact her at (860) 408-1595 or email